Image Films

Dare to think

Dare to think

The world is an endless promise.
Yours to explore, to reveal, to fulfil.

  • Client: Ghent University
  • Production: Bozo Film Company


We invest, we create, we live our passion.
We are entrepreneurs.

  • Client: Heylen Group
  • Production: Medialife
Rare diamond house

Rare Diamond House

Millenia condensed into flawless purity.

  • Client: Rare Diamond House, Antwerp
  • Production: Paragon Pictures
Built to heal

Built to heal

Smart hospital solutions create a
perfect place to heal.

  • Client: Siemens Building Technologies
  • Production: Mediamixer & Push To Talk
Moving Antwerp

Moving Antwerp

I was born on the banks of a river. And I have walked hand in hand with that river ever since.

  • Client: City of Antwerp
  • Production: New Impact
Millions of stories

Millions of stories, infinite possibilities

Welcome to a place where stories from
all over the world come together.
And where life comes together.

  • Client: Brussels Airport Company
  • Production: New Impact
Theres big

There’s big… and then there’s BIG

Welcome to Europe’s single largest
container terminal.

  • Client: MSC PSA European terminal
  • Production: New Impact
Elisabeth center Antwerp

Elisabeth Center Antwerp

Discover a secret place embedded in
the middle of historic fabric.

  • Client: Elisabeth center Antwerp
  • Production: H-Media

Human Touch


Le carnet de timbres Alechinsky

Parfois c’est l’inverse.

  • Client: Belgian Post Group
  • Production: Talent & Vision
Switching the poles

Switching the poles - Burkina Faso

When you love someone, you want them to live.

  • Client: Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp
  • Production: Bozo Film Company

City of Östersund

Open your heart and your mind to
the rhythms of a landscape.
It breathes with us.

  • Client: Eu commission, mobility and transport
  • Production: ICF Mostra
Screenshot 2020 11 02 at 15 28 43

Here is our story

The apocalypse of war. The birdsong of peace. The story of Europe.

  • Client: House of European History
  • Production: ESN European Services Network

Sportzot - Sharon Van Rouwendael

Je moet er echt zot voor zijn…

  • Client: Brouwerij De Halve Maan Brugge
  • Production: Media Facilities
Eddy Merckx

Eddy Merckx FIA campaign

Encouraging mutual respect between
cyclists and car drivers.

  • Client: Touring
  • Production: Mediasense

Oxfam 50 years - Camille

Faisons-le tous ensemble, quoi…

  • Client: Oxfam Belgium
  • Production: Bozo Film Company
Beyondmy Mammo


There’s a hero behind every hero
fighting cancer.

  • Client: Barco
  • Production: Bozo Film Company

Corporate Storytelling

Make it your way

Make it your way

It’s baked my way…but it isn’t all about me.

  • Client: Puratos Group
  • Production: Clementine.tv
Let life flow

Let life flow

My house, my home. A place where
friends and family come and go.

  • Client: Locinox
  • Production: Videoline
Yesterday today tomorrow

Yesterday, today, tomorrow

You may not know where your journey will lead, but you know you need the right place to start.

  • Client: Ghent University
  • Production: Bozo Film Company
Helping you make everyday better

Helping you make everyday better

Making bread improvers relevant
to everyday life.

  • Client: Puratos Group
  • Production: Clementine.tv
Nutrition innovation center

NIC Singapore

Growing brands through co-creation.

  • Client: DSM
  • Production: Media Facilities
Speak up

Speak up

Now is the time to join the debate.

  • Client: Wilfried Martens Centre
  • Production: Bozo Film Company
We are roularta

We are Roularta

Navigating the age of information.

  • Client: Roularta Media Group
  • Production: Jack & Charlie